Wedding Video Books

Send your guests home with the ultimate party favor: a physical book which stores and plays your engagement and wedding videos forever. We do all the hard work of optimizing your video and loading your video books. Deliver your video books to them on your special day, or let us do the work of delivering your videos around the world.

Three Ways to Give

On the Big Day

There is no better way to communicate love than with your smiling faces. Send your guests home with your engagement video, allowing them to relive your love and commitment forever.

In the Mail After the Party

Your wedding will never be forgotten. We will mail each of your guests a copy of your wedding video, not on a DVD, but in a physical video book which plays when it's opened. It will be kept on their bookshelf for generations.

As an Announcement

You are getting married, it's time to let your loved ones know! Rather than sending them an invitation on paper, how about showing them just how powerful your love is with your engagement video.

How It Works

Heirloom specializes in one thing: video books. We deliver countless books around the world every day. Allow us to build and ship personalized video books either to you, or to your guests directly.

  1. Provide us with your videos and cover selection.
  2. Receive a proof, a physical book which plays your videos for you to enjoy.
  3. Either receive the video books yourself in a little as a week, or provide us with your guests' addresses for them to receive the books directly.


Heirloom ships video books every day, allowing us to offer exceptional pricing and quantity discounts with no minimums.

Number of BooksFeaturesPer Book Pricing
1 – 10
  • 5" HD screens, shipped to you or directly to your guests.
  • Industry-leading video mastering to ensure your videos look perfect.
  • Nine different hardcover-book-style covers to choose from.
$49 with free domestic shipping
11 – 50
  • Everything in the previous section, plus:
  • Direct contact with our expert, Ashley, to make sure your video books are delivered with perfection.
  • Bespoke video mastering services from a world-class documentary producer including unlimited digital proofs.
$44 with free domestic shipping
51 – 100
  • Everything in the previous section, plus:
  • Phone consultation with our event experts.
  • A complimentary video book proof.
$42 with free domestic shipping
100 – 499
  • Everything in the previous section, plus:
  • A bespoke video book cover, created just for your event.
  • Two additional complimentary video book proofs.
$38 with free domestic shipping
  • Everything in the previous section, plus:
  • A bespoke shipping box with your event's unique branding.
  • Expert consulting and attention from our founding team.
$34 with free domestic shipping

Why Heirloom?

We are able to offer our HD video books at less than half the price of our competitors for one simple reason: scale. We don't only offer video books for big events, we ship books every single day for holidays, special events, and memorials. That scale allows us to have special supplier relationships which lower costs and improve quality.

All of our books are loaded using a state-of-the-art fulfillment system built in house to ensure precision and speed. Our experience with holiday deliveries has caused us to build systems to track our books not only within our fulfillment center, but all the way to delivery. This comprehensive approach allows us to ship more books at a lower cost than others can manage, and to ensure every book is delivered on time with perfection.

How to Learn More

The first step is to reach out to our wedding expert at Ashley is our former-bride (now wife) who specializes in our wedding customers.

Not ready to take the leap? The best way to experience Heirloom is to order a book. With no quantity minimum you can take a peek at what your guests will receive for as little as $49. Order now on our homepage.