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Frequently asked questions

What is an Heirloom video book?

An Heirloom video book is a physical book with an integrated video player that plays your videos and photos with sound. Simply upload videos and photos from your computer, your phone or directly from Facebook or Instagram and we'll mail you a book that automatically plays your videos and photos when the cover is opened. Our builder includes easy-to-use tools to help you arrange your videos and photos, select your cover (or design your own), add music (from our library or yours), create an inside message and enjoy a preview of your production. Our team will do all of the hard work of building your book, safely packaging your creation along with a recharding card, and shipping it to you or your loved one.

How do I begin my project and upload my videos and photos?

To begin, simply click on the "Buy Now" button on our homepage. A few seconds after you complete the checkout you will receive a unique link to our book builder. In the builder, you can select the videos and photos you want to load onto your new book. As you review your media, you can easily rearrange the videos and photos into the order you want them to appear. Click the "Watch Preview" button and you can review and enjoy your project before finalizing your order.

How long can I make my video book?

The Heirloom video book is offered in two basic sizes, to accommodate up to about 10 or 20 minutes of HD video and photos (which each remain on the screen for four seconds). If you have a special video which is longer than 20 minutes, please send us an email at help@sendheirloom.com and we offer additional options to accommodate it.

How much does an Heirloom video book cost?

We charge $49 plus shipping for the 10-minute version. Video players are expensive, but we have worked hard to make Heirloom as affordable as possible. We offer partnerships and bulk discounts, too. Just send us an email at help@sendheirloom.com if you'd like to receive a customized a discounted quote.

How long will it take to process my order?

Each Heirloom video book is unique. Our team also knows that each customer hopes to receive their production as soon as possible. Typically, the construction process takes 2-3 days and orders are shipped the same day they are completed. Video books with custom covers require an additional 5-7 business days for production. We generally use USPS shipping for your most economical choice. At check-out we also offer a variety of expedited shipping options.

Can I upload the videos and/or photos myself after receiving a blank video book?

Yes! We make it super easy for you to upload your media after receiving your blank video book. To order a blank book, visit make.sendheirloom.com and select "Order a Blank Book". To load your blank book, visit sendheirloom.com/load-my-book and follow the step-by-step instructions.

Can I watch a preview of my production before the final ordering?

Absolutely, and we encourage it. At any time while building your Heirloom video book, you can click the "Watch Preview" button to see and hear just what you have created. Doing this step is highly encouraged, as you may find some items to change, including the order of your media, duplicate images, or a desire to change the volume level of some or all of your videos and music. Customers can gain a feel for their production by previewing their video and/or photo slideshow.

Do you ship internationally?

We do! Our website will automatically present your shipping options with associated prices to the delivery address entered. Packages to Canada start at around $15, the rest of the world tends to be $25-40 USD.

How does an Heirloom video book recharge?

When the book is opened, the video immediately and automatically plays. The book should play for at least a full hour (so over six repetitions of a full 20-minute production, for example) without charging. To recharge your Heirloom video book, simply plug the included USB cable into an outlet adapter or right into a computer. Wait 30-60 minutes and the book will be fully charged.

Does my recipient need to have a computer or phone to enjoy an Heilroom video book? Do they need Internet or WiFi?

No, Heirloom video books start playing your video(s) and/or photo(s) the moment the cover is opened. The books do not need to be initially charged or interfaced with technology in any way. Just like opening the cover of a book, everyone can watch an Heirloom video book -- no need for the Internet or WiFi connections to enjoy.

Can I try the builder before purchasing a video book?

Of course! Please feel free to visit make.sendheirloom.com to access our builder. There is no need to make a purchase. Simply design a custom cover or upload some media, just to see how easy and fun it can be. No purchase necessary. And, if you decide you like what you see, you can complete the check out from there, too.

Do Heirloom video books support playing the sound track on my videos?

Yes, our video books include a speaker that will play any sound recorded with your video. Upon loading the videos, our software automatically optimizes your video’s audio so it sounds great. You can also adjust the sound level while building your video book, as well as while viewing using the side control buttons. Need help? Just send us an email at help@sendheirloom.com

If I have a video file on a thumb drive, DVD, VHS tape or my computer, can I mail it to you?

We are only able to accept videos via the Heirloom website at this time, but you can reach out to Memory Fortress, which is a Photo and Video Transfer Service, and they will do a great job. Make sure to mention Heirloom!

Can I purchase and send an e-gift card?

Yes! Our website is all set up for you to purchase and quickly send an Heirloom video book as a gift! All you need to know is your recipient's email address. We immediately email the recipient a code which invites them to build their book on our site at their convenience. We also offer you the opportunity to send a gift message, and they can reply with their thank-you note!

Can I add background music while my photos are being viewed?

Yes! When you're in our video book builder, you can select the music you want to play under your photo slideshow. We provide a nice selection of music to choose from and the simple instructions to load your choice. You can also “import” your own music by uploading an audio track in the mp3 format or simply copy and paste a YouTube link. You also have the tools to mute the music during your video playing and return playing while the pictures are viewed.

How can I control the playing and volume of my production?

Our video books are built with a set of easily accessible playback control buttons. Viewers of your production can use them to increase and decrease the volume, reverse and fast-forward the production playing, and to pause and reactivate playing, too.

Do I need to have and use a computer to load new media onto my blank book?

Yes, our video books are designed to be loaded by our customers and even rebuilt later. This process requires the connecting of your book to your computer's USB port, using the cord we ship with every purchase. Once you receive your blank book, simply visit sendheirloom.com/load-my-book and follow the step-by-step instructions.

After my book is finished, can I later add more videos and photos?

Yes, we want you to get as much value from your Heirloom video book as you possibly can. Our books are built to receive additional media, up to the storage and play limit size purchased. We provide all the instructions on our website how to add, remove and reorganize your media. Simply visit sendheirloom.com/load-my-book to follow step-by-step instructions on how to reload your book. If you are interested in manually loading your book, without using our website to help, feel free to connect it to any computer and transfer your video files just as you would load them onto a USB thumbdrive.

Can I choose the screen orientation for my final project?

Yes, as you load your media you will see how the final production will appear on the video screen. Our video book builder is designed to select the ideal orientation, horizontal or vertical, for each production based on the orientation of the majority of your media. If you require a specific orientation, send us an email at help@sendheirloom.com.

Can I combine video clips? Can I combine photos and videos?

Yes! You can combine as many videos as you'd like, and rearrange them on our site. You can also combine photos and videos. For a 10 minute video book, for example, 15 photos will use up 1 minute of video time on your book and you will have 9 more minutes to fill with video, if you wish.

Can I design a custom cover?

Yes! We offer custom printed covers using our premium, full-color UV printers. We can print any photo, logo, branding or design. To design a custom cover, just click the "Design New Cover" button on the cover selection page in the video builder. The cost for a custom-printed cover is only $20. You can also create a custom back cover, for an additional $10. If you have any custom-printing questions, including a request for a bulk discount, please email us at help@sendheirloom.com.

Do you offer bulk discounts?

Absolutely! We can support orders of any quantity, and offer a healthy discount for large orders. Our system will automatically discount your books if you order more than one (more than one?), and more than ten. Beyond that, contact us for a deeper discount. Email us at help@sendheirloom.com to receive a quote today!

How do I report a problem with my video book?

We understand that our customers may have questions or concerns about their video book. We welcome all messages to our Customer Service Team via email at help@sendheirloom.com. We do try to respond within one business day, and seek to provide the best possible assistance and personalized service.

What video formats are supported by an Heirloom video book?

We support all popular video formats, including mp4 and mov files. We accept any reasonable video resolution, but if you wish to minimize your upload time please use 480p resolution (854x480 pixels), which presents as full HD on our 5" IPS screens.

What are the technical specs of an Heirloom video book?

The player uses a 5" HD IPS screen with a resolution of 854x480. It includes 256 MB of memory, which translates to over 10 minutes of video in most cases. The book also integrates a USB-rechargeable battery which lasts for approximately one hour of playback, and a single speaker. Books with larger storage and playback screen sizes are available via special order. Please send us your specific question in an email at help@sendheirloom.com

Are there limits to the size of the videos I can load?

The Heirloom video book will accommodate up to about 10 or 20 minutes of HD video. If you have a special video which is longer than 20 minutes, please send us an email at help@sendheirloom.com and we can offer you larger storage sizes.

Do you offer gift wrapping?

We offer custom built Gift Boxes for $12 each (discounted for large quantities). They measure 8.25” x 8.25” x 1.85”.

After I purchase, what is the time limit to finish building my book?

There is no time limit after you purchase to complete your video book building. The credits in your account do not expire and your work in progress remains, in your order, linked directly to the email address you used for placing the order.

Do you offer rush or expedited shipping?

Yes, we offer express shipping. You will receive the option to purchase expedited shipping when you have uploaded your videos, not during the initial video book purchase. We also automatically provide you with a quote for overnight shipping, when it's available. At the end of the checkout in your builder, feel free to add a note to your order with the date you need your book by. Nothing is guaranteed, of course, but we will do our best to accommodate.

Can you include my branding on my video books?

Yes, add your branding or logo to your books or gift boxes using our full-color UV printers.

How can I make another copy of a past video book?

Simply visit our builder at make.sendheirloom.com and click "Reorder a Past Book" and then follow the step-by-step instructions.

Do you have an affiliate program?

We do. You can learn more through our affiliate partner ShareASale.

How do I contact Heirloom with questions or suggestions?

Heirloom is a family-run startup that welcomes your questions and feedback. We're eager to hear any ideas you have to improve our service or product. Please email us at help@sendheirloom.com with any tips, tricks, ideas or feedback.

What’s your return policy?

Our books are a custom product made just for your recipient, which limits our ability to provide a refund on delivered orders. If you are not satisfied for any reason however, please contact us and we will make it right. We will also happily replace any book that has technical issues. Please contact us at help@sendheirloom.com to receive return authorization.