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Create a Video Book From Your Photos

Do you have photos of your family and friends? Turn them into a beautiful slideshow which plays on a video book!

A video book is the perfect way to experience your photos each and every day. A video book also makes the perfect gift to your friends and family who can't share your special moments.

How Does a Video Book Slideshow Work?

Our video books play up to three-hundred of your photos as a video slideshow. Simply provide your photos to us, and receive a physical video book in the mail that plays your slideshow.

  1. 1. Buy a video book on our site.
  2. 2. Drag-and-drop your photos from your computer or phone.
  3. 3. Receive a beautiful video book in the mail, loaded with a slideshow of your photos!

How Are Video Books Different Than Photo Albums?

Before the invention of the Video Book, the best option we had for sharing our photos was a photo album. Photo albums often, however, become a photo graveyard, rarely opened or enjoyed.

Video has always been more exciting than a printed image, and Video Books are no exception. The Video Book version of your photos will be more likely to be enjoyed and watched, and will deliver a much bigger wow! factor.

Can I Include Videos With My Photos?

Yes, you can include videos with your photos. Even if you only have a few photos to combine with dozens or hundreds or photos, they will make your Video Book more exciting than any photo book could ever be.

Seeing a photo is meaningful, but videos can truely connect us with our past!

How Many Photos Can I Include on a Video Book?

We automatically combine your photos into a slideshow, where each photo displays for about four seconds. That means our ten-minute video book will fit 150 photos, and our twenty-minute book will fit 300!

Can I Rearrange The Photos In My Book?

You can control the order of your photos when you build your book. After providing your photos to us from your phone or computer, we allow you drag-and-drop your photos into the perfect order.

Can I Change The Photos After Receiving The Book?

Yes! We have a special version of our video book builder designed to allow you to change the photos in your book after receiving it. You just need to connect it to your computer with the included cord and follow our instructions.

If you're interested in learning more, read How To Load Your Video Book Manually.