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$49 free shipping
10-minute video book

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Lindsay Kin, 11/24/2020
A great gift idea!
My grandmother is always asking me to send her videos of my children but she doesn’t have traditional means to view them - until now! I was able to mail her memorable and special moments of her great grandchildren- including my daughter’s first steps- that she might have otherwise missed. This is a great gift for anyone, but especially for those who aren’t on social media and can’t see day to day posts. Heirloom was super simple to use, affordable, and beautifully presented during arrival. Highly recommend!
chris_gillette-5, 11/23/2020
Easy, Fast, Connects my Family in a Special Way!
I am so glad I found this app. My Grandma had been having a really hard time through COVID-19 since physical distancing has uprooted most social events. Calling and waving from the window is great, but I wanted to give her something she could hold onto when I can’t be there. And this is where Heirloom comes in! I added 10 videos of my dogs to the app and mailed my Grandma a video card. She loves my dogs, and she hasn’t been able to see them because of all this. But once she got the card, she called me and told me it made her week! Please please please download this app and send some love to your grandparents. They will treasure this forever, and it’s only $50! What a steal!
emalkin23, 12/05/2020
Great way to stay connected, without a connection!
Heirloom was the perfect product to send my mother who is less than tech savvy. We had tried digital picture frames in the past but keeping them updated was always a headache. With Heirloom we were able to give her a simple to use product loaded with videos of her grandkids at a fraction of the cost of a digital frame! The app is just as simple to use and we are beyond happy with the finished product. Thanks Heirloom for keeping our family connected!
Josie’s Mimi, 11/29/2020
Not Just a Card
When you send an Heirloom gift, it is not just a card, it is a shared experience. There is nothing quite like opening a slim box in the mail and suddenly hearing peals of laughter from your granddaughter and family you have not been able to see for a long time. Our daughter mixed early and recent videos of our granddaughter playing, dancing, and opening gifts. The videos are a joy to watch at any time, and the Heirloom is a perfect gift, especially at times when in-person hugs have to wait.
TownLake, 11/24/2020
Made my family cry happy tears
I’m from Texas and live in Europe right now; because of the pandemic I’m skipping seeing anyone for the holidays. I sent these to my parents and grandparents and it made their day. I can and do send them videos on my phone, but something about it being a physical gift and something they could pass around and revisit made it special. Also super easy to do - sent both in less than 5 minutes.
ekennard11, 12/08/2020
Easy, lovely and unique
This was an incredibly easy-to-use app that enabled me to send some joy during a time when we especially need it. The recipient loved the card. The app itself is very easy to navigate. Great way to connect and show your appreciation for someone - whether for a special gift or out-of-the-blue. Cannot recommend enough!
Annoyedinpr, 11/24/2020
I sent one of these cards to my parents, filled with videos of their granddaughter - who they’ve not been able to see since March when the pandemic began - and they were nothing short of delighted. Easy to create, easy for them to view - this is a great product, especially in these quarantine times! Highly recommend.
Rachel031987, 12/05/2020
Wonderful, easy, video montage
I collected birthday messages from ~35 family members to send to my grandma. Will be great for her to have a TANGIBLE copy of this “card” to rewatch and see all of us! Great way to compile clips for a special occasion—not to mention, allowed be to compile a montage with no video editing skills. App is intuitive and very easy to use. Highly recommend!
Rick3d, 11/25/2020
I don’t know why anybody thought of this before, an app where you upload a video and they send your grandma a video card with amazing HD video quality. My grandma was so happy, she doesn’t know how to use an iPhone but knows how to open a card that plays automatically when you open it. Well done Heirloom!
JFeinbaum, 12/04/2020
Unique and fun gift
I bought this for my 88 year old mother who has limited knowledge of technology. She loved getting a greeting card that was a video of her great granddaughter. She found it easy to use and loves watching it over and over again. I will definitely buy more of these for other people on other occasions.
ggarnaas2, 11/25/2020
Amazing way to stay connected!!
This app has created a new way to share joy!! It’s made that joy sharing TANGIBLE for the ones I love...and that has been what we have all been yearning for these days. It could not be easier to do and for $49 the response is truly priceless. It’s perfect and just in time for the holidays 🌲❤️!, 11/23/2020
Perfect gift! Easy to use.
I’ve already used this twice! A quarantine message for my grandpa and a montage of well wishes for a coworker undergoing chemotherapy. The process was super straightforward and only took a few minutes to compile. I love the fact that they have something tangible to (literally) hold on to forever!!
Tylah K., 11/24/2020
A card they will cherish forever!
I was tired of sending the same old traditional paper card to loved ones far away but Heirloom cards are the perfect solution to express your love across distances and generations. Heirloom cards are so simple, fresh and enduring for every recipient, no matter their comfort with technology. It’s perfect.
LizAndraDC, 11/27/2020
Very pleased
I was very pleased with their service and the quality of the video cards. I uploaded the video or our engagement and they sent the card to my parents... they loved it. The app is so easy to use and the quality of the video was very crisp. I highly recommend.
Al24236, 11/24/2020
Great gift!
My sisters and I put together a special, unique Christmas gift for our mom this year thanks to this Heirloom product! We are so excited to give it to her—she’s going to love seeing her grandbabies in such a unique way!
jbbian, 12/20/2020
Easy to use!
We made a card for our 92 year old great aunt in minutes! The app is very straightforward and intuitive!
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What’s a video book?

A physical book loaded with your video messages and home videos, delivered directly to your loved ones.

Your videos play automatically when the cover is opened.

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How it works

How it works.

  • Step One
    Click “Buy Now” to place your video book order.
  • Step Two
    You’ll immediately receive an email with a link to begin building your video book.
  • Step Three
    Select up to 10 min of video from your computer or phone.
  • Step Four
    Heirloom mails your video book in 48 hours and it arrives in 5 business days.

About the books.

Video books come fully charged and loaded with your home videos. Your recipient just opens it and your videos play.

  • Preloaded with 10 min of your home videos or messages.
  • Have 5” HD screens and come in 9 different styles.
  • Ship in 48 hours with express shipping available.

Heirloom book collection
Heirloom book collection
Heirloom book with VHS cover
Heirloom book with baby cover
Heirloom book with memories cover
Heirloom book with wedding cover
Heirloom book with box
Heirloom book with love cover
Heirloom book with flowers cover
Heirloom book with vhs cover
Heirloom book with baby cover
Heirloom book with memories cover
Heirloom book with wedding cover
Grandma Fran

Easy for seniors.

When reality forces us apart, Heirloom keeps families close and connected.

Grandma Fran’s voicemail

Isolated from COVID without the means to receive videos, Frances was missing out on the joy she gets from seeing her great-grandchildren.

Listen to the voicemail she left after receiving her Heirloom.

“... It means so much to me to see the babies!”
A screenshot of our iPhone app

Share the moment.

Heirloom lets you share special moments with those who couldn’t be there, or want to remember them forever.

Send videos of your baby’s first steps or fun times with friends and family. Mail birthday wishes and greetings, wedding ceremonies and graduation celebrations.

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    You’ll immediately receive an email with a link to begin building your video book.
  • Step Three
    Select up to 10 min of video from your computer or phone.
  • Step Four
    Heirloom mails your video book in 48 hours and it arrives in 5 business days.
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