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Discover a curated selection of thoughtful Valentine's Day gifts that convey your love without breaking the bank. Read for:

Heartfelt Valentine's Day Gifts Under $50 | Heirloom Blog

If you're looking for thoughtful Valentine’s Day gifts to show your love, rest assured there are plenty of creative ideas available that don't require breaking the bank. You may be looking for gift ideas that send messages of love with gift ideas that are for a special loved one. Sometimes these are the most unique gift, demonstrating your thoughtfulness, and showing your style, sure to please your valentine. Oftentimes, thoughtful and caring gifts can be made right at home with a few simple materials. Unleashing your creativity is key!

Love You

Many quick purchases can also hold a great valentine's day gift. Here are some thoughtful and creative DIY Valentine’s Day gifts that you can create, customize or select, and with one important feature they share: all available for under $50. From simple handmade cards, including love letters, to thoughtful little notes, to crafty ideas that can demonstrate your style, to items that celebrate the day, we have gathered many of the best valentine's gifts for 2023.


This gift list is arranged within a few shopping themes: Sweet Treats, Amazing Crafts, Gifts for Your Littlest Valentines, Fun Gifts, and Especially Romantic suggestions. Most gifts can be an excellent choice for a significant other, as well as a family member and close friend. Now let's go shopping!

Sweet Treats


For a sweet surprise, why not bake a batch of heart-shaped cookies? Or, even simpler, a single cupcake with valentine-featured colors and sprinkles! Add a thoughtful handmade card or sign with a sweet message for your special someone and you will be thanked and your efforts appreciated. For an extra thoughtful touch, you can write out thoughtful quotes to add inside the card or even create a collage of favorite photos of the two of you.

Personalized M and M's


Throughout the year, most of us enjoy a handful (or more) of M and M's candies. Valentine's Day is no different, of course! This year you can bump up the excitement by adding some special touches. How about a personalized M and M jar full of love?

For chocolate lovers of all ages, this can be a perfect Valentine's Day gift selection. You'll be creating a unique jar full of yummy fun. Start with choosing the color choices. Then, imagine this, add an actual picture image and words on the sweet treats! While truly personal with the customization, they are also very sharable! Imagine enjoying the gift while receiving the thanks! A Happy Valentine's Day to all!

Decorate a heart-shaped cookie

Cookie kit

You know these sayings: "Home is where the heart is", and "the way to someone's heart is through their stomach." Do you have any more of these cliques at work? Here is a great gift idea for checking off all these cliques. Imagine your Valentine's smile when enjoying this home-decorated heart-shaped cookie. No baking is required as you receive the cookie ready for decorating. It's perfect for Valentine's Day date night dessert.

Amazing Crafts

If you're feeling creative, try your hand at making something original and thoughtful for your Valentine. You could knit them a special scarf, create a scrapbook of your favorite memories together, or even build them a unique piece of furniture.

While many gifts can be purchased, hand-made ones are as unique as you and your relationship. You can express your good fortune for meeting and knowing your Valentine through symbols of such bonds.

Perhaps you can create and decorate a small flower vase and add a single rose bloom for the perfect package.

No matter which project you choose to show your love this Valentine’s Day, the important thing is that it comes from the heart. Get creative, have some fun and show your special someone just how much you care. Happy Valentine's Day!

Create a Love Box

Heart box kit

Here's an idea for valentines of all ages. This heart box kit comes with all the supplies, instructions, and printed details needed to create a lasting treasure. The kit includes a wooden heart box, 12 gem stickers, 4 pots of paint, a paintbrush, glitter glue, and white glue.

Perhaps as the parent or aunt of a young child, you can offer not only this gift but also the time and attention to assist with its assembly. Your young artist may have the perfect recipient in mind, fortune enough to receive a lasting keepsake. Now that's a great re-gifting effort. Your artist will create a beautiful box and you will be thanked for your support. What a perfect special way to celebrate this holiday.

Picture Puzzle

This may be your first Valentine's Day together and you are not sure how personal of a gift is appropriate. How about preserving and enjoying a special photo in a playful way of the two of you? It doesn't seem possible to go wrong with having a picture from your first date that is worthy of preserving and repurposed into a personalized puzzle. Long-distance couples may find this gift especially meaningful.

This easy-to-prepare gift will surely be a surprise when you present it all "broken apart". Simply send in a picture and you'll have a gift that will surprise you both. A personalized puzzle of 75 pieces will arrive, and your lucky recipient will never look at a puzzle the same way again!

A romantic picture can be chosen to enjoy "re-building" your moment together. Or, for the kids, enjoy a playful picture they can piece together with your love and guidance. Family members and friends will also thank you for your personalized gift, knowing this is a one-of-a-kind, just like your family and bonds.

Heirloom Video Book Creation

Heirloom video book

If you want to share a video with family and friends in a more personal way, then you should consider Heirloom Video Books. With this service, you create a custom video book that includes your favorite videos and photos. This tangible heirloom can be passed down through generations, as you share private videos, forever memorializing these special moments.

Just start with a visit to the Heirloom Video Books website and click “Buy Now.” Follow the instructions to upload videos and pictures. Create your book and it will be shipped to you or your lucky recipient. You'll also choose from many artful covers, including ones that especially celebrate Valentine's Day. Heirloom will also provide a link that you can share via email, social media, or other methods, to invite people to enjoy your show.

Homemade Jar of Love

Jar of love

Create a customized jar of love. Simply fill a mason jar with thoughtful notes, quotes, or special messages expressing your feelings. Using paper or more create items you will create one of the most romantic gifts.

Love coupons


This delightful collection of love coupons offers you many ideas to fully customize the gift. You will find hundreds of coupons to choose from as you match your messages with your Valentine. Create your love coupon book that's tailored to the special person in your life; activities like breakfast in bed, and a day of adventure.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Your Littlest Valentines

No reason to limit your celebrating the holiday with your significant other. How about a token of your love to those little valentines, your kids, and your whole family's young ones? How about an adorable craft item, sure to keep their imaginations on high alert? And, possibly best of all, these crafters can be encouraged to make gifts for others and pass along your lesson in gift-giving.

Kids Craft Kit


Here's one idea, among hundreds sure to excite your smaller Valentines. . DIY Puffy Charms Craft Kit encourages the crafters to make jewelry, shoe charms, pencil toppers, and more. The creativity of your 7+ year-olds will come alive as they receive this perfect present. They will be busy transforming many of the pieces into fun gifts for others.

Decorate Your Water Bottle

Water bottle

For another crafty and useful gift, your young Valentine can decorate his or her water bottle. This Color Your Own Water Bottle comes with all the supplies needed to go from a plain water bottle to a masterpiece water bottle. While providing nourishment throughout the day, the child will remember that they are your Valentine, this year and always!

Teachable Moments Gift: Gratitude Journal for Kids

Perhaps you are wondering why it's a good idea to shower a child with a gift on Valentine's Day. You may be thinking of some of the excessive gifts received only a month or so ago (Happy Holidays all!). Instead, you may find that this can be a moment in your young children's lives when they can begin to learn important life lessons. This Valentine's Day celebration may be one of those times when we are solely looking to share feelings of love and gratitude with those in our lives.

Here's an item, a Gratitude Journal for Kids, that may begin a child's thinking about feeling and how to express gratitude. This journal is designed to provide an engaging experience for children ages 7 to 12. They will find over 400 prompts that encourage their thinking about gratitude, mindfulness, and healthy habits. Lessons, quotes, and fun facts are written to prompt their thinking and your joint conversations and gratitude practice.

Gratitude journal

However you present this gift, consider that your child may need some guidance. Their understanding of gratitude may be a discovery. They will learn that gratitude is one of the healthiest of all human emotions. The daily prompts that stimulate this practice can make an important positive impact on their lives. Now that's a Valentine's Day gift that can last a lifetime.

One tip: you can ask the child if they wish to dictate to you the meaning of their pictures and messages. This may help them put their thoughts into words. Also, as time goes by, this journal may provide them with a little personal history and even memories they will treasure.

Fun Gifts

Novelty Socks


What part of our wardrobe do we wear every day? And, what about those socks, do we like the most? Often the comfort they bring, but also how about the fun and joy they convey? Consider a pair for your Valentine this year. Lavely Funny Novelty socks may provide just the shopping starting point. You'll find these and so many others that evoke your message of having a happy Valentine's Day full of cozy comfort and novelty. Consider socks for everyone on your shopping list. Your recipient may never forget how the comfort they bring to their feet begins with the love and warmth you just gifted to them.

Heart-Shaped Waffles

Heart waffle

How can you get creative with your breakfast-in-bed Valentine's Day theme? How about making these cute heart-shaped individual waffles? While this smaller-than-usual version may appear child-like, it is no toy. You'll be making this breakfast classic for everyone in the family, just with a new loving touch. And, don't hesitate if you are not a seasoned chef; the user and recipe guide can be pre-studied so they will be hot and ready on February 14th. You will have your Valentines asking for seconds and more.

Especially Romantic

Everyone, in every relationship, probably has their way of describing what makes a "romantic gift", both for the giving and receiving. On Valentine's Day, we may think a little longer and search a little further for the perfect personal gift to share with your partner this year. Here are a few ideas.

Flowers, Chocolates, and Bear


What's better than receiving flowers for Valentine's Day? How about flowers and more? Here is one gift set sure to bring smiles and know that you care, even more than expected! This is a bouquet of flowers and chocolates and a stuffed bear! A real trifecta of expression and love, lasting beyond the flowers and chocolates! The sweet fragrance and look of one dozen long-stemmed fresh blooms of red roses, beautifully arranged and displayed, is only the start. Then your Valentine will cuddle with their new adorable plush teddy bear as he or she nibbles on the gourmet chocolates.

Silk Pillowcase

Silky pillow

A gift to help us strive for our 7-8 hours of sleep per night may be a welcomed present for your Valentine. How about a 100% silk pillowcase that features dual soft and smooth sides? Your will choose the perfect color that your partner will enjoy. During this shopping spree, you will learn some of the benefits of silk fabrics, including their gentle and nourishing effect on our hair and skin. Perhaps you will want to purchase a matching set!

Easy to Spicy-up Food

Hot sauce

Here's one easy way to "spice up" your Valentine's Day dinner and many more to follow. Rather than a sweet treat, try this easy-to-love gourmet hot sauce that will surely add delight to many homemade and carry-in dishes. It's a new creation featuring white truffle flavoring. Several other flavor profiles are available, sure to please your Valentine. Try a little then keep going as your Valentine discovers their favorite level of flavor punch.

Picnic for Two

Picnic basket

Perhaps one of the more clever ways to up the romance of a meal together is to move it outside. This delightful gift will surely set the mood and the table.

This 2-person complete picnic basket set is so well-equipped, just add food and drink! In one convenient and decorative spot, you'll always have your plates and flatware, even a bottle opener and blanket. Your Valentine will ask for more and more opportunities to enjoy this gift, from romantic picnic outings at the beach and park, or simply in your backyard.

Let your imagination create the perfect first meal, from pre-prepared meals or perhaps a long, lingering set of snacks, drinks, and treats. It will be hard to find another fun gift that offers such an opportunity to enjoy yourselves together often.

Valentine's Day is a personal, special holiday to celebrate. However you choose to celebrate, and for whomever, you wish to convey your messages to, the perfect gift will always be one that is meaningful to you both. Enjoy shopping, creating, and gifting as a total celebration of important ways of building on your love story or further strengthening your bonds.

No matter what thoughtful and creative DIY gift you make this Valentine’s Day, it will show your special someone just how much you care. It doesn't have to cost a lot of money or take a long time to make or purchase a thoughtful gift and show your favorite person why they should be your Valentine. Get creative, have some fun and let that special someone know just how much you care. Happy Valentine's Day!