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Connecting Generations: Sharing Videos with Grandparents | Heirloom Blog

Video Book

My adult kids are avid video producers! They film themselves, and especially their little children, nearly every day. Their smartphones provide the always ready to film convenience. I am joyful to receive these videos, most of them just seconds long, holding in my thoughts the whole day and often beyond. Imagine this feeling shared by others, especially their grandparents. For those grandparents owning and easily operating their smartphone or computer, this little click can also create their smiles. For those not so tech savvy, not having this 10-ounce device should not limit their enjoyment. Here are some of the easiest and fastest ways to share video with your grandparents and so many others who share your joys of life.

Send your video in a text message.

Grandparents knowing how to use the text message feature on their phone or computer can join in this video watching. All you need to know is their smartphone number. Just click on your chosen video, find that cute “send” icon, and enter their phone number. Within seconds they will see this new message, complete with your name and ready for viewing.

Deliver your video by email.

Much like the text message choice, but this time you need your recipient’s email address. Again, click on your videos and click on the “send “icon, then enter the email address and you are ready to send. You can add a funny subject line and even a long message. Wait for their fun and very appreciative reply.

Share your video on YouTube.

Have you enjoyed watching YouTube movies? Did you know that millions of short family clips are also stored there? You can be a YouTube video poster too! Start by signing into YouTube. Near the top you will find the “create post” button, and that’s your first step. Enter a message into the box at the top. Then add your video. Click “post” and it’s there for all to enjoy! Of course, only if your audience knows. So remember to share your YouTube video link for their quick and often enjoyment.

Mail your videos in a video-playing book.

Maybe you want to preserve these precious videos and at the same time have them easily accessible for your friends and family. This is the reason to check out Heirloom Video Books. This clever product receives your videos through this website, creates a precious, personalized book, and sends it quickly to your very lucky recipient. Your grandparent, child and everyone in between will open this surprise, lift the cover and your video will begin to play. That’s right, no electronics to use, no electronics to know how to use!

So here you have it. Four ways to easily share your videos. No more excuses, only the challenge in picking which to share today!