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Explore compassionate gift ideas that honor and cherish the memory of beloved pets. Create lasting tributes with heartfelt gifts from Heirloom. Read for:

Eternalizing Memories: Gifts to Preserve a Pet's Legacy | Heirloom Blog

Dog Video Book

Videos and photos of your pet may fill your phone’s storage. Their life has certainly filled your heart. Upon their death, your pet is painfully missed, but their memory can be preserved forever.  Here you will learn about some of the readily available products that will preserve these memories and bring you joy with every glance.

Commission A Pet Portrait

The picture of your pet brings on a big smile. Among the many unique ways your pet’s portrait can be printed is on gallery-quality paper using West & Willow pet portraits. You will receive a hand-illustrated picture ready for display. You can add your pet’s name, customize the portrait style and choose from among many frames and sizes.

Video-playing Book of Pet’s Videos

Your goal may be to have your photos and videos on screen, on demand. Create albums that play favorite videos of your pet when the cover is opened. Thanks to Heirloom Video Books you can easily build and own this prize in minutes for just $49. The beauty of this device is its ease of playing, not requiring a wi-fi connection.

Photo Cube of Pet’s Smiles

Naturally, you may have a tough time selecting the one best picture of your pet. With this product you can gather many of your pet’s photos together and display them in an attractive plastic cube. This affordable gift by geckocustom features many surfaces to fill with your pet’s pictures. You and your viewers will enjoy the clever movement of the pieces as you hold tight to your fondest memories.

Pet Puzzle Fun

Imagine your enjoyment as you recreate your pet’s image while building a 150-piece adult level challenge puzzle. Soufeel creates these unique photo puzzles after you select and submit your chosen pictures. As an added bonus, the puzzle will be designed based upon the theme of your pictures, including your pets active life.

Custom Pet Necklace

Prepare for a burst of feelings when you are able to wear a piece of jewelry that includes the image of your beloved pet and a special message. A customized piece is sure to preserve some of your sweetest feelings and memories of your pet. Your pet’s animal shape is offered along with the opportunity to further customize the piece with text and other details. These pieces are created from quality materials including sterling silver or titanium. Delivered in a gift box, you can proudly present this jewelry to the pet’s loving human.

These clever products are only a few examples of the ways in which you can preserve for yourself and others the joy of having your pet in your life. Consider them as just a place to start as you explore ways to honor the times you shared together.