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All our tips on how to use video to raise more money for your nonprofit charity! Read for:

Using Video to Create a Successful Nonprofit Fundraising Campaign


It can be difficult for nonprofit organizations to create a successful fundraising campaign that conveys their mission and the hardworking people behind it. Even more so when there are limited personnel or resources, coupled with the daunting thought of having no money left over if you were to spend all your budget on fundraising. Yet, this is exactly why your organization's success depends on finding an effective way to capture donors' hearts and wallets.

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Videos are a great platform for conveying messages that people can easily understand, enjoy and pass along. This article will present some research, lots of real-life applications, and many easy-to-apply tips to help your nonprofit organization create a powerful video message. The most important factor is to be mindful of who will watch it and prepare your message in such a way as to make an impact on them.

Even more exciting, you will learn how video books are a fantastic way to capture the attention of donors, as you store and present your impactful fundraising message in one neat package. Just imagine how much more powerful this content would be when presented to your supporters through an easily accessible device that does not require a Wi-Fi connection or passwords!

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And, thinking about your donors and volunteers, every donation of time, talent, or treasure has to be answered with a sincere thank you. This specific action also helps people feel more connected to the organization. When trying to create new relationships with donors, using pictures is a great way to leverage video storytelling. Sending them a thank you message in a clever, enjoyable format will surely grab their attention, strengthen their bond, build trust, and increase their organizational knowledge, all while delivering a lasting impact. Cultivating new donor relationships welcomes the same message in an easier-to-view and remember manner.

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Video messaging leads to increased donations

Editing video

Marketing research has revealed that 39% of charity video viewers go on to look up the organization within 24 hours of viewing. And perhaps even more exciting, 57% of people who watch a fundraising video will donate to the cause. This is because the story and evidence in the video are compelling. Can you miss this chance to raise funds? Here you will learn tips to tell a story that will touch people's hearts and show them why their donation is needed and appreciated.

Beginning considerations

If you want to learn how to do something new, it is helpful to ask questions and look for answers. Let's begin.

Who is your primary audience?


Current donors and supporters are people who you should not forget. They may be influenced by your message and share it with other people. They may have received services from you or volunteered. New donors may be found within your service community, attending an event, or otherwise known to support similar missions.

How will this video be utilized?

Are you going to show the whole production at once to a wide audience? Perhaps instead, you will produce a much smaller condensed version for your social media posts. Both choices will be good for your fundraising campaign. How will you develop the strategy to access your desired audience? These choices will guide your production and you will thank yourself for thinking of this answer at the outset.

What are the goals for viewers and fundraising?

Make a Change

You will want to craft a video that highlights your cause but also your impact. A well-crafted video can create a compelling fundraising message and present your mission statement, while also sharing key facts, figures, and stories.

What are the means of dissemination of your message?

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Do you know how to reach your audience? Just on your website, or also on social media? Do you want to share it with people in your area, or with people all over the world?

What do you foresee to be included in the script?

Do you plan to write your fundraising video script from scratch? Will you be asking for personal stories from a main character such as a grateful recipient? Are you using material that already exists? How will these visuals, such as photos and videos of events and services, be included?

Answering these questions will save time and resources. You will have to make many choices, so it is important to know that your final production goals as reasonably possible.

Tips on creating your fundraising video


Nonprofit fundraising professionals know they always have more work to do. And, it is especially hard when there is only a limited amount of time and resources. As you see, one way to get secure more donations is by making a video campaign with interesting content and captivating visuals. Then, share the video across different channels. With this approach, you will see how powerful video messaging can be for your organization's fundraising goals!

Here is what you have been waiting for: some tips for making a successful fundraising video, even if you have never made one before.

Technology and skills

You can raise money by filming a message on your smartphone. But it might be better if you ask someone else to do it who is good at this and can be creative. Tell people about the project and ask if they have a pro tip to share and even will help make the film. Many organizations list this needed task as a volunteer opportunity. One of the best sites to post your need, for free, is AARP's Create the Good.

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Dedication to the Mission

You and the people you work with know why the mission is important. Think about the first time you learned about your organization. What facts turned your interest into a passion? Use video storytelling to show how your stakeholders have benefited from services. This will help people understand the importance of what you do, seeing it through the eyes of someone who has experienced it firsthand.

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You won't be surprised to know that people do not know about the good work that your agency does. Start with a short introduction, explaining your agency, and adding elements that make your service special and important. Focus on demonstrating how contributions make a difference. This known impact places their contribution at the forefront of future service activity. Share a few examples of personal stories. Your viewers will see, hear and hopefully feel this impact.

Attach value to each donation

Potential donors who watch your video may want to know how much money to give. Tell them how their donation will help sustain and advance your services. Include information on how the donation will be used and how many people it will help. This is a good time to be as specific, as linked to your stakeholders' benefits of service, as possible.

Management success stories

Donors want to see that their money is being used well. They want to know how you have managed the money donated in the past. This financial information is published so people can see how you are doing and compare you to other organizations. This is your time to prove your success and demonstrate your transparency.

Repurpose videos and pictures

As you prepare, tell those who work with you, including the volunteers, staff, and others who are interested, in your project. Perhaps they have videos and pictures from events that show what programs are provided and people who have been impacted.

Stakeholder stories


Hunt for the stories of how your organization has helped people that may inspire donors to give money, again or for the first time.

Resist overproduction value

You don't need to make a movie that demonstrates a very high production quality. Most people do not expect that. They might even like it better if it feels more real without actors or speeches that are rehearsed. This simplified method is another way to show that you are using the resources wisely and that your messages are honest.

Attempt for an "evergreen" production

Try to avoid including details, such as dates of events, that will surely pass. No one wants to present an outdated message. At the same time, you don't want to have to remake or correct facts after production. Instead, include such details in your email message with the video attachment.

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Utilize close captions

Most people watch videos without sound. Captions on the screen solve this challenge. You could also highlight important parts of the video message.

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Finish with a call-to-action

Act now box

In the beginning, your video needs to be interesting so people will want to watch it. The end needs to be memorable so people will remember. This is the time to present your call-to-action and ask viewers to do something, like give money or help out.

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A few production suggestions

Promote contact information

Make sure to include the agency's email address and social media links on the screen. Also, show the names of speakers and their titles. Your link to donation forms and directions is a smart move. Volunteer service instructions would be good to add, too. To demonstrate transparency, share links to key financial reports and annual reports.

Final test viewing

When your production is nearly finished, share it with a lot of people and ask them what they think and feel. Welcome comments and encourage criticism by asking provocative questions. Be sure to also ask for suggestions for change, not limiting comments to simple reactions.

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Tips on spreading your fundraising video viewership

Now it's time to let people know about the organization by getting them to view your new video production. Here are some ideas on how to do that.

Post shorter versions on established platforms

You can quickly, easily, and for free include your video message on social media pages. Your video is good for this form of messaging, but it might be too long for people who watch videos on social media. To fix this, you can learn how to make a shorter version that is less than one minute long.

Search for valuable social platforms, some with themes

If you find the right people to view your video all this work will provide desired results. Your nonprofit organization might choose to celebrate an occasion, such as creating a birthday fundraiser. Your video's theme may help develop the selected images and even strengthen its message. Perhaps the occasion will also select a time limit for this specific campaign, further motivating donors to act quickly.

Crowdfunding campaign

If you activate this site, your new video message should be posted right away.

Link video to established messages

You can add your video message to the newsletter, blog post, and other communications. Viewers will be your key supporters, and they need to see the message. They will be proud to share it with their friends and family. You already know that a video in this format can be easily shared electronically.

Sharing your video in a new, proven way

Your video message is ready to be shared with your target audience. You may have already used some of the ideas discussed here, but this is where you can get creative while also saving money and time! Remember that most donors are very busy and they usually receive a lot of messages like yours. So we need to think of a new strategy to grab attention.

The video book player from Heirloom Video Books is a great tool to try. It has proven to be effective at drawing people's attention.

Heirloom video books provide the instructions and customer service to transfer your video message to a hand-held book, which can be opened and viewed by your recipient without any technology or tech skills required. Imagine how intrigued the recipient will be by viewing your touching, caring, and impactful messages in their hand. Custom cover printing can further enhance your brand identity and recognition.

This article explained how your organization can create a fundraising video and use a video book to build a successful fundraising campaign. Data has shown that people watch fundraising videos. Why not tell your compelling story, create the human connection, and present the call-to-action all in one media format?