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Unveiling the Best Video Gifts | Heirloom Blog

Video Book

Your idea of creating and gifting a video might be driven by the one person or group you seek to celebrate. A special birthday, a life well-lived, a monumental milestone, or an expression of appreciation. Or, perhaps you are seeking to offer expansive good wishes, well wishes, or even condolences from a close-knit crowd. All these, and more, may benefit from your exploration of ways to create and give a video-playing gift.

Let’s begin by considering several of the endless reasons that others have created videos as a gift.

Group Messages

If you’re seeking a gift that directly captures the feelings of appreciation among a group of friends or co-workers you can stop your shopping now, because chances are you will never find an item that pleases this crowd and provides lasting pleasure to your recipient more than a video-playing book. Just consider the impact of asking everyone to participate by gathering their individual clips and by simple math, double and triple and beyond the message to your deserving recipient. This may be a time of reward, celebration or perhaps uplifting shared strength. It’s the honest and personal expression that will carry your video message.

Special Announcement

You can’t keep a great secret forever. And why would you when the news you share will bring joy to so many others. How about creating a clever way to spread the news? You may be holding in the news of an engagement or baby’s arrival. You may be wanting to share your promotion, new home, or business grand opening. A video message, complete with images of the past and present, shared with those who know the path you have taken, can provide the perfect medium. And, of course, the surprise element, complete with action and sound, will be enjoyed as you reveal the news.

Art and Object Collection

We collect, sometimes with a focus. Many of us have begun a collection decades ago, resulting in a wonderful array of artifacts and memorabilia. While sharing all or parts of your collection may be best done in person, there is another way. Art museums and others have begun sharing their collections to video viewers, and you can too. The same passion and imagination that sparked your original interest and supported your hunt for these objects can be projected in your descriptions, including their origin, relationship with the other pieces and their personal meaning.

While reviewing these ideas you may be created your own list. Simply consider the ease at which you can share your messages or views with an endless number of audiences. For more information and ideas, please look at our additional articles on videos as gifts.