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Discover meaningful and personalized gift ideas to celebrate the love and wisdom of grandparents. Honor them with unique presents from Heirloom. Read for:

Heartwarming Personalized Gifts for Grandparents Day | Heirloom Blog

Grandma getting kisses from grandchildren

Why do grandparents need a special day on the calendar? Isn’t everyday special? Certainly, but then again, think how special you feel on your Birthday Day!

Is There a Grandparents Day? And, Why?

After learning about the holiday’s history,  the answer becomes clear. The proclamation, establishing National Grandparents Day in 1979 stated three distinct purposes:

This is a unique time for a multi-generational celebration. Everyone has the opportunity to recall their past and heritage, hopefully through the eyes of their elders. We can also project into our unknown future how these feelings and pathways can be strengthened.

What Gifts Do Grandparents Really Want?

Sure, this grandmother likes a new sweater just as much as the next gal. But, for this celebration, I think most of us want a personalized, just-for-me feeling, when we open the gift. And, most importantly, we want a gift that comes from the heart of our loved ones, as we see it, hold it and use it often.

Make Grandma Smile Every Morning

Grandma knows you are their warm, comforting, joy of their life. How about proving it to her every day as she reaches for her cup of tea. This ceramic tea cup can be personalized with the faces of children and grandchildren. Imagine her holding the mug, with her fingers wrapped around you!

Bring Grandpa Into The Picture

Your grandpa really does talk about you to everyone. How about making those pictures do the talking as you create a lovely, easy to hold, cube of family memories. Designing and ordering this gift of a photo cube is only a few computer clicks away.

Hug Your Grandparents Everyday

Just imagine being able to be hugged by your special family, figuratively speaking, every night. That may be the feeling that Granddad has when you create for him a photo blanket.

Document Your Grandparents’ History

Your unique family holds stories and memories you never want to lose. With the use of simple, accessible and economical technology you can record, preserve and enjoy your grandparents’ legacy. One idea is to create a set of prompting questions, film their responses, and hold them close in an Heirloom video book. Their personal thoughts, expressive voice and emotions will be captured. They will know that their life can be shared with the family’s generations now and yet to come.

The celebration of a holiday can last one day, or a lifetime. Consider here how celebrating our family’s generations may create a new tradition, one where each of us is celebrated as we grow our family tree. Such an opportunity may present itself on Grandparents Day.