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Discover the art of sharing videos through the mail with thoughtful tips and techniques. Create touching surprises for your loved ones with Heirloom's guidance. Read for:

Sending Warmth Across Miles: How to Mail Videos with Care | Heirloom Blog

Video Book

Naturally, my 93-year-old mother craves seeing her great-grandsons play, laugh and talk. And that’s exactly why during these times of forced separation, for our own health, we must become more creative. She does not own, and would not be able to independently operate, a smartphone or have access the internet. We simply can't let this limitation prevent sending anyone life-affirming, enduring videos.

Here are a few ways you can send your videos, let them know they are loved, and stay close even when isolated.

Good Old-Fashioned DVD Mailing

Remember the post office? Good, because they offer a great savings on media mailing, and that’s what a CD or DVD is. First, you will want to carefully secure your prize tape in an envelope no larger than 12” x 15“. Another way to measure is where the total of all three dimensions is less and 108”. Also, be sure that the package total weight is no more than 70 pounds, which is pretty hard to do with just videos inside. Seal the package well and visit your local post office. Do keep in mind that this savings, and it can be substantial, comes with a hidden cost, time. Media Mail moves a lot slower than first class, so allow an extra week. Valentine’s Day waits for no one!

Copy Videos Onto USB Drives

USB sticks are a good storage and sharing choice, too. These devices are sometimes referred to as thumb drives for good reason; they are often just that size. You can convert your videos to be loaded on a USB stick. These are easy to mail and very easy to load into your happy recipient’s computer. Be sure to check the storage size of your stick. For example, some may hold up to 2 gigabytes which may equate to three hours of video.

Hold Your Videos In Your Hand

Want to give yourself a gift too? How about having all this work done for you? Check out Heirloom Video Books. This inventive product is available to you on this website. You will be quickly guided to purchase a book that can hold 10 minutes or 20 minutes of video. And here is the best part -- your recipient does not need to have any electronic devices. The Heirloom opens like a book, and the video screen immediately plays. No need for a computer, smart phone, VCR player, nothing! This is the perfect choice for a child you wish to surprise with your book reading and message! And even more perfect for your elder who is hungry for your family video viewing, over and over again!

Resist no longer. Send and share your videos in so many ways. And wait for others to return to you. Sharing goes two-ways, so start the habit now.