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Discover creative ways to make children's birthdays memorable while prioritizing safety during the pandemic. Create magical moments with Heirloom's ideas and insights. Read for:

Safe and Special: Celebrating Kids' Birthdays During COVID-19 | Heirloom Blog

Birthday party during COVID

“You are only SIX once,” said my then-nearly-6 year old daughter. And she was right, as she almost always was. A birthday is a celebration of many things. Every child knows what joys can be in-store. Every parent knows that the day is a milestone for themselves, seeing the growth of the past and hoping for continued joy. And now, as this daughter’s own son is now nearing his 6th birthday, I’m asking the necessary question: “How do we celebrate safely in this time of a global pandemic?”

Let’s start with our primary goal, and keep it in full focus as we plan these events. Our children’s health and that of every guest must be honored. No single attendance at an event is worth the risk of someone’s health and welfare. We must acknowledge that our child and probably ourselves with be disappointed, at least to some extent. The sheer limit of physical contact, known so well as “social distancing” can put a damper on the celebration. Add to this the need to potentially wear face masks, pre-interview guests as to their vaccination and booster status, and mandating hand-washing practices may damper the free-flowing excitement.

Start with your "must have" list

  1. A celebration will occur: whether separated or within a much smaller group
  2. Birthday-like items will decorate the day: paper goods, themed-decorations, party-like foods, and especially a cake and candles
  3. Age-appropriate activities will be organized: whether together or separated through video, invited guests can share in activities
  4. Age-appropriate gifts will be presented: exciting gift opening can occur with a little pre-planning and shared messaging
  5. Party favors for honored guests will be distributed: especially the younger ones will enjoy personal favors that carry the fun beyond the event.

Now let the fun brainstorming begin!

Game ideas during a zoom party

You can easily find a BINGO-card form on-line and fill it in with the birthday boy's favorite objects along with birthdate, sibling names, and so much more.

The party guests can be asked search their house for everyday objects! Birthday candles, something blue, something with 6 objects (birthday age), you get the idea!

For warm weather and active kids

Back to our key goal: showing your child how special he or she is to you and their family and friends. Being happy then silly is almost all it takes. Pancakes for dinner, breakfast in bed, or offering spa treatments to your young girl. And, as a family, you can make the day even more special by giving back to others. Maybe your family would like to deliver treats to a nursing facility to thank our healthcare providers or perhaps pitch in together to clean up a playground.
Our children “will only be 6 years old once,” and we will only celebrate this birthday for them once. There can be some sadness or feelings of lost celebrations. There can also be an opportunity for added feelings of togetherness, creativity and focus on what is truly important in our lives. Try to create a togetherness, even when apart.