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Learn how you can create a custom memory books utilizing the well-designed and user-friendly platform offered by Heirloom Video Books. Read for:

Custom Memory Books Using Video

Step one: record a meaningful video of someone you love ... check!

Great, now how can you easily retrieve them, watch them, save them and protect them?

We have all experienced the benefits of enhanced technology applied to our routine daily life. Our watches record our heart pulse and our phones have replaced our cameras, calculators and even paper maps. Thus, it should come as no surprise that our entertainment viewing is also ripe for these tech advancements.

Video filmmaking devices are no longer only available to the most professional and well-funded cinematographers. Most of us take videos of everyday events, celebrations, speeches and so much more. We can turn-on our smart phone's video camera in under five seconds. We can adjust the viewing distance and volume to capture the event immediately. And, in only another ten seconds we can send the finished video around the world.

These easy steps are later somewhat hindered when we want to watch that prize production. It may be stored carefully and safely in our phone's memory or even the ubiquitous cloud. But, how do we quickly retrieve it, enjoy it, match it with similar films and share it?  That's where yet another breakthrough comes to rescue.

Custom memory books can now be created by you, utilizing well-designed and user-friendly platforms. Heirloom video books is a leader in this customer-friendly, low-tech skills required product line. The platform features a proprietary "book builder" that presents to you all the steps, all the instructions and all the capabilities to:

The customization of your video memory book does not stop with the unique media you load. Consider how you can design a truly one-of-a-kind book from the front cover onward. The tools on the Heirloom video book builder provide a limitless selection of templates for overall design, colorization, fonts and backgrounds. Add pictures and your video book will be so personal you will place it among your mantel gallery.

This personalization can be further expressed as you write a message for inside the cover placement. Consider this spot your time to shine in words, rather than pictures. You can make mention of the importance of the collection of videos and photos, perhaps send a message to your book’s featured family and friends, or mark the date of the key event. All the while you are crafting a message that this keepsake, this precious collection of some of your life’s events in video action, will be preserved as a future generation’s heirloom.

Consider yet another innovative benefit of an Heirloom video book – it's built to be re-built. Once you have created your first production, you can return to their book builder and continue. The easy to follow instructions will have you swapping out media, adding new media, creating a longer production, adding more music and more. The re-loading of your book-in-hand will take only minutes as you plug in the book to your computer (cord included) and swap out the video on your personalized video gift.

This customized video book can now become your next great gift for holidays, life celebrations, good well wishes, and so much more. Visit the customer-friendly website for more information, motivating ideas, and production tips.