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Explaining the exciting advances made toward the creating of an Heirloom Video Book for your Wedding Video Read for:

Create a Wedding Video Book

Do you know, right now, where your wedding video is? Is it on a thumb drive sitting in a drawer or on a DVD on a shelf under a pile of books? Or maybe you have it as a link, sadly buried in your email or sitting in a folder on your desktop?

That's a shame as that video is sure to contain one of the absolutely most important moments in your life. You gathered with  your family and friends, surround yourself with  favorite flowers and music, and most especially your chosen life partner was (one) by your side.

Perhaps it's not your fault. These wedding videos usually come to us as either a tiny thumb drive or a large, in a now impossible to view format, simply unrecognizable from today's technology.

Consider transferring this video onto a personalized memory book you can hold in your hand, open without requiring any technology or internet connection. Imagine a young child, an elderly relative and all those in between being able to pick up this video-playing book off your coffee table, (and) open your wedding video book to see  instantly playing your wedding day celebration.

This new twist is changing how couples preserve and share their wedding day memories. They’re called video books by Heirloom. These highly produced and very costly wedding videos should not be reserved for once-a-year viewing, and only when you can find the original and match it with its required play-back device. Personalized memory wedding video books offer the technology that presents your video in its full length, full color, full sound and high-definition images.

Imagine having adapted the original film to a device that:

Containing its own battery power and magnetic-controlled playback, your book is ready for instant viewing. No need to be concerned with wi-fi connectivity, nor passwords as this self-contained device is ready when you or any of your lucky audiences want to relive that special day.

According to The Knot, video books have become a top notch video gift. “Wondering what to do with all those family home videos? Turn them into a memory book for a unique gift for your daughter on her wedding day. (Just hand it over before she gets any makeup done. It's definitely going to spark some tears.) Heirloom will help you compose a 10- or 20-minute video, then load it into a hardcover book that contains a small HD screen for viewing. You can even write a custom message on the cover.”

For further pride and pleasure, Heirloom Video Books offers the opportunity to create a custom cover, including photos, words and images that further memorialize your union. You can include your treasured wedding photo, overlay with your names and date, perhaps accentuate with your wedding colors. Your creativity and emotions will guide this creation as you produce your one-of-a-kind family legacy heirloom. The company also welcomes you to write a personal message for printing inside the cover, never to forget some special words and emotions you shared then and forever.

The magazine Brides is also a big fan of wedding video books. “Rather than a standard greeting card, record your anniversary message for your spouse with this unique video book. A customization website makes it easy to upload up to 20 minutes of video into the book, which can also be personalized with a recorded greeting and printed note on the front cover.”

Your wedding video book can be produced in a matter of days and shipped anywhere.