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Different video book products

Comparison shopping is neither easy nor quick. Add to the task our often limited knowledge about a product’s technology and here you have a real challenge. This article will offer an overview of what a Video Memory Book is all about and some basic options to guide your purchasing selection.

Let’s start with why you may be interested in purchasing a Video Memory Book. Users that seem most attracted for the first time are looking for ways to preserve videos and pictures that can be pleasantly viewed without the need for other tech devices or techy skills. Books holding specific celebrations such as the baby's first year, wedding ceremonies or special events are perfect examples. Then consider business uses including promotional product and service presentations. The key is to first consider your skills and time and especially your recipient.

Let’s start with what is most likely the same for all Video Memory Book choices:

  1. The video books are self-contained devices, requiring no internet connection or software to enjoy the show.
  2. These video books are so easy to use they make an ideal choice for viewers of all ages and with no techy skills required.
  3. Video books either come preloaded with your family videos, or only require a simple drag-drop to load your videos and photos.
  4. Rechargeable battery with a charging cord is included.

Consider your purchase goal: a celebration or memorial gift, a business message, or perhaps a personal storage project. Your selection of which product best fits your needs may consider some of these product differences. Here are three products to compare.

Our top choice not only provides all the features we listed above, but shines past the competitors in two major areas: Cost and Customer Service. We consider these features to be exceptionally important for this product class. You can pay more (and the other choices do offer a few more features to help balance their double and triple cost). You can not over appreciate the need for quick, accurate, personalized and just plain nice customer service. Here is where our Top Choice excels.

Heirloom Video Book

#1 - Top Choice

Heirloom Video Books


This product is our top pick for most first-time users and those concerned with challenging their tech skills. Heirloom Video Books scores for the best price, half the cost or less than its leading competitors. Your purchase of a video book, and your work to create your masterpiece, may very well be your first attempt. The ease of understanding user instructions is evident, clearly enjoyed by customers as you read their feedback and reviews. Outstanding customer service begins with their easy to submit requests for assistance and is boosted by personal contacts when special care is required.

Motion Books

#2 - Upgrade Choice

Motion Books


We present this product as also one offering all the basic features of video books. This product expands its operation with an additional feature at double the comparable cost. The device provides controls for play/pause and volume. This can be excessively complex for some, but others may find those options valuable and worth the price. The product is more limited in basic cover designs.

Photo Flash Drive

#3 - Pick for Business Users

Photo Flash Drive


More experienced video book users may appreciate this product for business services. At up to three times the cost of the top choice, business and experienced customers may still be interested. While only white or black basic covers are available, this product offers customized front and back cover printing.

Video Memory Books are a great gift or personal project for many reasons. Knowing your needs, skills, time and budget will guide your selection. Additionally, exploring the device as a first time user, you can always build upon your skills. You’ll soon identify many spot-in uses for this tool. Welcome to the world of technology as more than a way of doing your expected tasks of phone calls and picture taking. You will be entering the world of new gift creation and memory preservation, sure to excite you and please your many recipients.